Coaching Association of Canada

New Coach Developer Page

Dear partners,

We are pleased to announce that the Coach Developer section of our website is almost ready to go live! We are giving our partners advance notice of the launch so you can visit the pages to become familiar with them and to add buttons to your website with links before we start driving traffic to them. Here is the link:

These pages will go live on September 11.

(Please note that these are not live for the public -- only to partners and can only be viewed with the above link).

At that time, we will send out an email to our database of coaches inviting them to visit for more information.

We’ve also prepared a communications toolkit for you to use that you can find on the partner resources page of under “Resources for Coach Developers”.

It contains:

  • Buttons to be placed on your website linking to the Coach Developer section
  • The Coach Developer pathway graphic
  • Newsletter copy you can send to your coaches
  • Facebook & Twitter posts you can use to promote Coach Developer training
  • Summary chart of ALL required training for each Coach Developer type
  • Web copy**

**If you would like to build a webpage of your own for Coach Developers, we suggest you limit it to the content on the landing page. From there you can link back to for the role specific pages. This process will ensure that coaches and Coach Developers are always getting the most up-to-date information.

As we launch these new communication pieces, we’d like to also make note of some important style decisions that were made that we ask all partners to maintain:

  • Always capitalize Coach Developer(s), and ALL Coach Developer roles;
  • Core Training is always referred to as “Core Training for....” e.g. “Core Training for Learning Facilitators”
  • The Evaluator role has been renamed to “Coach Evaluator”. The other Evaluator roles remain the same: Advanced Evaluator and Master Evaluator.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Parkins-Forget:; 613.235.5000 x 2382

Thank you and we’d love to hear your feedback!