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National Coaches Week Participation Guide


National Coaches Week is a week to celebrate the tremendous positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. It’s an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by simply saying #ThanksCoach.

You can download specific items from the links below, or download the entire Participation Guide here!



Introduction & campaign numbers


National Coaches Week logo

We've created a range of generic and customizable graphics to help you say #ThanksCoach on your website, and on social media. Use the Generic Promotional Graphics for a consistent look and feel to your messages throughout the week. Download the Customizable Promotional Graphics to add your own photos, logos, and text using Photoshop.

Generic Graphics

Customizable Graphics

Sample Social Media Posts

National Coaches Week Facebook frame

#ThanksCoach Video

Promotional Copy (Web/Newsletter) 


National Coaches Week Poster

National Coaches Week Postcard

#ThanksCoach Postcard

Coach Profile template

Media and Government Relations

Requesting a Mayoral Proclamation

Letter to your Mayor template

Proclamation template

Tips for Engaging the Media

National Coaches Week Background Information

Media Release template

Media Request template


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