Coaching Association of Canada

Multiply your Power!

Stage of Activity 



Dice (1-2 per athlete)


10 - 20 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Write out a list of drills, core exercises, or other regular training activities.
Athletes pair up and roll two dice.
They multiply the numbers rolled and do that many reps of the first exercise.
Repeat with the second exercise.
E.g. if athletes rolled a 5 and a 3 they would both complete 15 reps each.
Goal – try to complete all exercises in a certain amount of time.
*If athletes finish early (e.g. if they roll low numbers) then have them choose 3 or 4 of their favourite exercises and repeat the activity until the time is up.


Personal choice, core stability or sport specific skills; shorter athletic abilities (e.g. speed intervals)


Make groups of 3 and add dice or multiply 3 for higher totals.
Record numbers and compare totals. Which teams did more? Which team is likely to improve based on the amount of practice they did on each skill?