Coaching Association of Canada

Mountains and Valleys

Stage of Activity 



40 to 60 soccer cones 


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People

2 + (the more the better)

How it Works

Designate a playing area. Smaller areas promote more agility; larger areas promote more endurance. This activity can be played in ¼ of a gym or on the area of a large field.

Space out equal number of cones right side up (mountains) and upside down (valleys). E.g. 20 mountains and 20 valleys.

*Make sure both types are randomly interspersed.
Split athletes into two groups, “mountains” and “valleys”.
The Mountain team is trying to flip all cones right side up.
The Valleys team is trying to flip all cones upside down.
Athletes may only turn over one cone at a time AND they cannot turn over the SAME cone more than once unless they do a different one in between.
(I.e. two opponents cannot stand in one place and turn one cone over and back).

Designate a time limit, ideally between 1 and 2 minutes.
Athletes keep flipping cones until the “STOP” signal, at which time they freeze, hands over their heads, feet on the ground (so no more cones can be flipped).

Mountains collect the mountains and count them. Valleys collect the valleys and count them. *Repeat several times, switching the roles (mountains become valleys and vice versa).

Applications Agility, speed of movement, coordination, body and space awareness, teamwork

Use larger or smaller space to emphasize different movement themes.
Athletes can use implements (e.g. sticks, noodles, etc.) or different limbs (e.g. feet only or “no hands”) to flip the cones.