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Modified Swele’i (Coast Salish, Stó:lô , Hoop-and-Pole Game)

Stage of Activity 

Learn to Train


Hula Hoops (1 for every 2 athletes)
Pool noodles cut in halves or thirds (2 per athlete)


5 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

NOTE: Traditionally this game was played using poles or lances made of wood, sharpened on one end. Players would try and throw the lances through a hoop approximately 30cm in diameter. This version has been modified.

Athletes find partners and one hula hoop.
Designate a start line and a direction of travel (e.g. across a field, rink, or gym).
Partners start 1 to 3 metres apart. One partner rolls the hula hoop across the designated playing area, while the other partner follows parallel to it (1 to 3 metres away) and tries to throw their “pool noodle lances” through the hoop.
The team receives 1 point if the pool noodle is thrown through the hoop without knocking the hoop down.
Once the hoop falls, partners run to the opposite side of the playing area and switch roles. Repeat in the opposite direction.
Set a time (e.g. 8 minures) during which athletes try and collect the maximum number of points as a team.


Throwing, dynamic target practice, lateral movement, speed


Movement of the thrower could include many movements such as skiing, skating, rolling, wheeling, and spinning. 
Sport-specific skills can be used in place of throwing.