Coaching Association of Canada

Mary R. Picard

Name: Mary R. Picard

Hometown: Pessamit, Quebec.

Sport: Volleyball

Current role in sport: Apprentice Coach

Do you have a mentor: Yes, Sylvain Loiseau.

List your current NCCP training/certification: Level 1

Current Occupation: Administrative Agent.

Education: Cegep degree in Social Sciences.

Coaching History (explain how you got involved in coaching; a memorable moment): My daughter started high school in 2015-2016, she was part of the volleyball team. I thought: why not the girls in my community?

Are you currently coaching? Ages, level, etc.? High school (RSEQ) grades 7-11, 13-17 years old.

Share a fun fact about yourself: Thanks to this program, I was able to get in to Laval University’s Sport Intervention program, part-time in 2017-2018 and full-time in 2018-2019. Fun or positive fact: I had applied and didn’t get in in 2008, but here I am 10 years later. You have to believe in your dreams.

What do you do on your free time? Family, cooking.