Coaching Association of Canada

Marie-Andrée Lévesque

Sport: Table Tennis

Current Coaching Position: Coach, Prestige Table Tennis Club; Centre de Haute Performance de Montréal

CAC Program Involvement: Women in Coaching Canada Games Apprenticeship Program

Mentor: Jean-Baptiste Bertrand

“Marie-Andrée Lévesque, an Elite member of the Quebec Team, has attained the Excellence level in the past and has been carded by Sport Canada. She has taken an interest in a coaching career for the past four years while pursuing her studies. Last September, she began her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, and her interest in a coaching career continues to grow. Her personal objective is to become a high performance coach. She would like to help young athletes, particularly girls, to better learn the basics and techniques of table tennis. She is hoping to gradually improve herself as a coach through a variety of experiences and the acquisition of greater knowledge, technically, physically, and psychologically. To Marie-Andrée, sport is an essential component of education, and she is interested in the development of young athletes not only from the standpoint of sport, but also in terms of overall and social development. She understands that reaching the highest level will be a long-term progression, which is why she wants to take every opportunity available, formally and informally, through the coaches she is already associated with. She also believes in promoting table tennis as a healthy community activity.”Martin Cléroult, Conseiller en sport, Direction du sport et de l'activité physique, Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport

Sport History
Marie-Andrée began playing table tennis in her native village of Ste-Félicité, Que., at the age of eight. When she was 11, she left home for Quebec City to enter a sport-études program. Two years later, she moved to Montreal for more extensive training at the Centre de Haute Performance de Montréal. She has represented Quebec and Canada at national and international competitions, including the 2009 Jeux de la Francophonie, and has won many titles at the provincial and national levels.

Since the 2005-2006 season, Marie-Andrée has been actively involved as a member of the coaching team at the Prestige Table Tennis Club. In 2007-2008, she began coaching at the Centre de Haute Performance de Montréal where she is in charge of the Quebec Table Tennis Federation’s 2009-2010 young talent identification program. Says her mentor: “Marie-Andrée is a young coach who is increasingly involved in training players aged eight to 14 in Quebec. This gives her the opportunity to make a difference at a crucial stage of their development. It is also a very instructive experience for her. Her main qualities are organizational ability and her eagerness to play an instrumental role in the progress of her players. Her own experience as a player helps her to be a better coach, especially given her willingness to learn and her broadmindedness.”

Current Occupation
Kinesiology student, Université de Montréal; table tennis coach (part-time)

Ste-Félicité, Que.

• Collège Ahuntsic, Natural Sciences
• Kinesiology student, Université de Montréal
• National Coaching Certification Program, Competition – Introduction Foundation certification in table tennis, Competition – Development in progress

Expectations of the Women in Coaching Canada Games Apprenticeship Program
“I would like to get to know the table tennis hopefuls who are part of the preparation program for the 2011 Canada Winter Games by the end of September 2010. Subsequently, I would like to work in a more individualistic manner with the players who make the team in order to provide them with tools that they can take with them to the Games and which may be useful throughout their careers.”

Quick Facts
Greatest achievement: Making the decision to leave home at the age of 11 to pursue advancement in the sport I love so much.
Source of motivation: My mother. I admire her immensely. She is friend and confidante in addition to being an exceptional mom. She is persistent and teaches me new things every day. I thank her and will always admire her.
Greatest wish: To help the players improve so I can give them what I was fortunate to receive as a player.