Coaching Association of Canada

Making Head Way eLearning Modules and New Password for Partner Protected Area

Promotional Toolkits

The CAC announced in June that its award-winning eLearning modules, the Making Head Way series, would be available to all coaches for free. We’ve updated our marketing materials to reflect this and they are now available in the Partner Protected area of You can also access the files directly at the links below:

Marketing and communications toolkit:

Buttons and marketing graphics:

Please feel free to use these tools to promote the Making Head Way modules. We also encourage you to place the buttons and graphics in a prominent place on your website to encourage coaches to “Get Concussion Smart”. If you have any questions about the Making Head Way eLearning modules or the promotion tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Password for Partner Protected Area on

Please use the following updated password to access the Partner Protected area. The username remains unchanged.
Username: CAC
Password: NCCP*PNCE

Use of Coach Email Addresses from Reports in The Locker

Requests and questions have recently been received concerning the use of email addresses generated by The Locker’s report functionality. Because of regulations placed on all organizations by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), partners may not be able to use email lists generated in The Locker.

All NCCP partners are allowed to access and use the information in The Locker for the purposes of operating and promoting the NCCP. These terms are set in our Privacy Policy.

Reports generated from The Locker provide no consent information, and consent given to the CAC by coaches for email purposes does not transfer to other organizations.

The CAC has sought consent from all coaches for its emailing purposes only.

Therefore, an organization wishing to send emails of a promotional/commercial nature to a list generated by The Locker will need to have acquired their own consent from all the coaches on that list.

Note that all partners need to comply with the CASL, regardless of how the email is acquired. For more information on the CASL please consult this webinar