Coaching Association of Canada

Lynn Séguin

Sport: Fencing

Current Coaching Position: Coach, Saskatoon Fencing Club and Prince Albert Fencing Northern Knights Fencing Club

CAC Program Involvement: National Team Coaching Apprenticeship Program (NTAP)

“The Canadian Fencing Federation is pleased to have Lynn participate in NTAP. She has worked for many years on advancing her coaching skills and NTAP will be the stepping stone needed to further develop and refine them as it provides her with the opportunity to work with Gabor Salamon, a world-class épée coach. Not only will Lynn be enhancing her competencies in high performance coaching, she will be developing a fencing coaching wiki to share best practices and high performance solutions with the Fencing Coaches of Canada. The federation sees this as an exciting initiative, allowing us to further link our Long-Term Athlete Development framework and our National Coaching Certification Program development.” — Doug Hannum, Executive Director, Canadian Fencing Federation

Coaching History
Lynn’s coaching career began in Maple Ridge, B.C., when local modern pentathletes asked her to form a fencing club and the Maple Ridge Fencing Club opened its doors in September 1994. Two years later, she started the Aldergrove Fencing Club for modern pentathletes living on the other side of the Fraser River. She was team coach at the 1998 and 2000 modern pentathlon junior world championships and co-coach of Team BC-Fencing at the 1999 Canada Winter Games. Lynn moved to Saskatoon in the fall of 2000 and joined the coaching staff at the Saskatoon Fencing Club. She has since coached Team Saskatchewan at the 2003 and 2007 Canada Winter Games.

Athletic History
In 1983, then known as Lynn Chornobrywy, she became the modern pentathlon world champion and was named Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year. She was also awarded the Governor General’s world championship ring. Lynn trained in Montreal for 10 years and won seven national championships.

Current Residence
Saskatoon, Sask.

A graduate of the coaching program offered by Douglas College in New Westminster, B.C., Lynn is also a National Coaching Certification Program Level 4 coach, having graduated from the National Coaching Institute – Saskatchewan. Her achievements include a Prevost Diploma and a Maître D’Arme certification.

Why NTAP Matters to Me
“This is an opportunity that I have wanted for a long time. Fencing has had only a few women coaching at the national team level, and currently there is no one. NTAP allows me to work with our national team athletes and coaches, to observe the inner workings of our high performance program, and to refine my skills as a high performance coach. Many thoughts came to my mind when I was informed that I would be part of NTAP and I am determined to make the positive ones come true and overcome those that cast doubt. I know there will be hard work, but I have never been so ready to take on a task. I want to learn everything!”

Quick Facts

Greatest achievement
Knowing that I can be the best at anything I undertake.

Source of motivation
My athletes and the parents who support them. The athletes amaze me every time I work with them. They grasp concepts and ideas better than I did as an athlete. I am honoured that they trust and respect me.

Major sport goal
I have wanted to go to an Olympic Games since I was 10 years old. I did everything I could to get there. However, I chose the wrong sport in the wrong decade, but got close with the world championship title. The Olympic Games are still the goal; it has just gone through a few revisions along the way. Maybe my dream will come true after all.