Coaching Association of Canada

Lowell & Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor - Amazing Race Canada Contestant,
Speech Language Pathologist

Lowell Taylor - Amazing Race Canada Contestant, Road/Track Para-Cyclist,
Registered Psychologist

Topic: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

During this active breakout session you will have the chance to jump into your gym clothes and be active while learning at the same time! In this one-hour session, you will complete a body conditioning circuit while participating in a discussion with Lowell & Julie as well as Lowell's cycling coach - Stephen Burke from the Repsol Sports Center.

Topics that we will cover while we sweat include:

  • Running the Amazing Race Canada while blind
  • Turning disruptive obstacles into opportunities
  • Some positive disruptions of technology in sports
  • A para athlete and coach's perspective on training and competing with technology
  • Visions of the future opportunities with technology in sport
  • How para sport is 'disruptive' in coaching and sport

Julie and Lowell are an enthusiastic and dynamic duo who have first-hand experience turning obstacles into opportunities. Julie, a Speech Pathologist, and Lowell, a Registered Psychologist have been married for 10 years and currently live in Lethbridge, Alberta with their two sons.

Lowell suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) which has required him to adjust to decreasing sight his entire life. He is now legally blind with no peripheral vision, reduced central vision, and no vision in low light. Lowell was the first visually impaired contestant in Amazing Race’s history, and Julie and Lowell completed seven out of the eleven legs on season four of the Amazing Race Canada.

Lowell now has his sights set on competing in road and track cycling at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. His ‘vision for 2020’ is just one way his inspiring optimism and determination have turned tough times into positive experiences.

Julie and Lowell work tremendously well as a team. Julie has been by Lowell’s side every step of the way as he faces challenges to his independence. Lowell’s emotional & mental strength, unending patience, and sense of humour help with daily stressors as they live, work, and raise a family together. They now speak together to share their message of overcoming obstacles, and what it takes to get through life’s challenges.