Coaching Association of Canada

Line Up!

Stage of Activity 



Cones to mark the line (if needed)


5-10 Minutes

Number of People

2+  (works best with more people)

How it Works

This is a modification of a “get-to-know-you” value-based game that can be adapted to promote team building, quick thinking, self-reflection, and appreciative inquiry (i.e. recognizing personal strengths).

Coach creates a line 15 to 20m long, designating the two ends as “ends of a continuum”.
Introduce the game by saying, “I will give you two words – for example “Blue and Red”. One end of the line is “blue” and the other end is “red”. (By default, purple is in the middle). Place yourself on the line where you best fit (i.e. do you like red better, blue better or purple?) It isn’t “one of the other” but a continuum or gradual transition from one to the other.

Give another example, “better at endurance” or “better at speed” (pointing to different ends of the line).

Start slowly, giving easier words such as favourite foods, favourite sports, birth month, and so on. Work into areas such as strengths, values, and opinions as you get faster. E.g. process versus outcome; practice versus competition / game; being on time or being free; strength or endurance; leader or follower; loud encourager or quiet supporter; being with people or being alone; winning or everyone plays… and so on.


Self awareness, locomotor movements, other-awareness


Use different locomotor skills to move along the line.

Tell athletes they cannot step off the line, so they must navigate around each other without stepping off the line (team building, trust).