Coaching Association of Canada

Leadership Training

Stage of Activity 



30-40 soccer cones
5-10 hula hoops
Blindfolds (enough for half the team)


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Sprinkle cones and hula hoops randomly in a large circle, roughly 1 metre wide.
Athletes find a partner.
One partner puts on a blindfold and places their hand on their partner’s arm.
*It is important that the “leader” (non-blindfolded) arm is on the bottom so they do not grab or pull their blindfolded partner.
Space pairs around the circle.
On “GO”, the leaders try and help their blindfolded partners navigate one full circle through the obstacles and other athletes.
Once they have completed one circle, partners switch roles and repeat.


Body awareness (kinesthesia), balance, communication, teamwork



Ask half the pairs to move clockwise and the other half counter clockwise to increase difficulty.
Use different obstacles in diverse environments.