Coaching Association of Canada

Katya Dittrich

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Sport: Biathlon

Current role in sport: Coach and Athlete with Foothills Nordic Ski Club

Do you have a mentor: Tyson Smith, Foothills Nordic and Team AB Head Coach

List your current NCCP Training/certification: Comp. Int Certified

Current occupation: Biathlon Coach

Coaching History: I got involved in coaching because I wasn’t competing due to several injuries and wanted to stay involved in the club. I continued to move up in the club due to the lack of female coaches, I saw the need and wanted to fill that.

Currently Coaching: Cross-Country Jackrabbits (Age 6), and Biathlon Competitive (Ages 12-18)

Fun Fact: Here’s how I got my current coaching job: My head coach texted me the day before the season was supposed to start and said: “Do you want to coach T1?” I said: “Sure.” He then said: “Sweet, see you tomorrow at 6:30 at Canada Olympic Park.”

So my job interview was conducted with 3 texts.

What you do with your free time: What’s free time? Biathlon is life.