Coaching Association of Canada

Julie Casselman

Name: Julie Casselman

Hull, QC


Current role in sport:
Coach and technical assistant coach

Do you have a mentor:
Yes, Jessica Silva.

List your current NCCP training/certification:
B Licence Part 1

Current Occupation:
Coach and technical assistant coach

B.S. Justice administration

Coaching History:
I had a long-term injury that ended up leading me to a career. I ended up experiencing soccer from the sidelines and saw the game from a different perspective. I returned to Canada with from having studied in the United States and it was tough for me to find a job, so I pursed coaching and now I do it full time!

Are you currently coaching? 
Yes, ages 12 to 15, regional level and 16 to 18 year olds, provincial level. 

Share a fun fact about yourself:
I went to circus school, which actually helped me in my athletic career. I specialised in unicycle training.

What do you do on your free time?
I play soccer, spend time with loved ones, sleep…all in that order.