Coaching Association of Canada

Julie Blanchette

Sport: Gymnastics

Current role in sport: Head Coach/Executive Director at Snowbirds Gymnastics Club

Do you have a mentor: I’ve had many mentors over the years but not currently.

List your current NCCP Training/certification:

  • Trained Active Start
  • Technical Level 3 MAG and WAG
  • Trained Learning Facilitator Gymnastics foundations
  • Coach evaluator in training Gymnastics foundations

Current occupation: Head coach/Executive director at Snowbirds Gymnastics Club

Education: Bachelor in Recreation and Cultural Studies and currently working on a minor in Psychology.

Coaching History: When I was 12, my gymnastics class was just finishing and another class was starting. The coach of that class was late. I asked the recreation coordinator if she wanted me to start the class and she said sure. Without any preparation or training, I lead a group of 8 kids during their warm-up. I loved it an I started coaching the following week.

Currently Coaching: I coach kids of all ages (18 months to 16 years old) and all levels. Some of them compete and some of them are just cute little toddlers jumping around.

Fun Fact: As passionate as I am about gymnastics, I never competed as a gymnast because it turned out I was a way better coach and judge than a gymnast. In fact, I stopped training to coach my own group because had lost our coach.

What you do with your free time: Swim, yoga, triathlon, rowing, kayak, ski, play with my dog, go to my cabin, and watch gymnastics on YouTube.