Coaching Association of Canada

Judy Riege

Disruptive Leadership Expert

Topic: LEADERSHIP IS A MINDSET, not a POSITION: Practical approaches to grow your awareness and ability to bounce back from the tsunami of change and challenge you face every day.

Disruption is the new normal. Leadership resiliency is both an art and a science that every leader who wants to thrive in today’s volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA) environment needs to master.

The field of neuroscience and the growing research on the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for leadership success is disrupting the very definition of what it means to BE a leader. It’s not just what you DO – it’s all in your “HOW TO” and the mindset you bring to work and life every day.

Resilience has been defined as "the capacity to absorb high levels of change while displaying minimal dysfunctional behaviour" (D.R.Connor ) or "the ability to recover quickly from an emotional setback" (Tony Swartz).

Together, we will explore the biology and beliefs of self and others that help or hinder a leader/coach's ability to embrace and recover from the myriad of challenges and change they face every day. We will "get real" and explore habits you can adopt to allow you to lead with more heart, candor, clarity, courage and curiosity even when the going gets tough or a little foggy. 

Judy Riege brings 25 years of business leadership experience and expertise to her business advisory and leadership coaching and consulting practice. Her work in strategic planning, leadership training, executive and team coaching across many industries, including sport, has allowed her to expand and disrupt the habits and practices that allow leaders to get stuck in the weeds, ignore the real change required and married to “the way I have always done it”.

Judy levers current research from the field of neuroscience to help leaders and organizations understand the new science of leadership success: it’s all about CONNECTION! Her workshops and keynotes aim to develop emotionally intelligent leaders who facilitate the realization of smart, healthy and successful organizations people are proud to be a part of or connected to.

Her newest venture, YouthLearning2Lead, is taking her leadership expertise to today’s youth. She is on a mission to connect the new reality of leadership excellence with teachers, coaches, parents and community leaders and help them better develop youth role models today who will become the remarkable leaders we need tomorrow in our homes, our schools, our sports, our communities and our workplaces.