Coaching Association of Canada

Joanie Côté - Biathlon

Name: Joanie Côté
Province: Quebec
Sport: Biathlon
NCCP Status: Community Coach Certified
Mentor: Sandrine Charron
Fun fact: Joanie was named Coach of the Year in 2013-14 at the Association des clubs de biathlon du Québec’s gala.

Joanie spent six years competing in the Cadet biathlon program in Quebec and has now been coaching for five years. She currently coaches athletes ranging from seven to 50 years old and has had the opportunity to work with national calibre athletes through the Sport-études program in both Quebec and New Brunswick.

Joanie’s background in kinesiology has motivated her to keep learning, and in working with Biathlon Canada Coach of the Year winner Sandrine Charron at the Club de Biathlon Estrie, she hopes to further her knowledge of the sport and athlete performance. Joanie is also a Trained athletics coach and enjoys working with athletes from different backgrounds.

The outdoors is where Joanie thrives and she enjoys the diversity of challenges that the natural environment presents.