Coaching Association of Canada

Jim Harris

Disruptive Innovation and Organizational Change Expert 

Plenary Topic: Thriving in the Era of Disruptive Innovation

Netflix is changing the way people watch TV – and forcing cable company mergers. In 2014 online advertising will exceed TV advertising spending for the first time ever as consumer spend more time on smartphones surfing, researching, buying and interacting with products and services. By 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet – creating trillions of dollars in cost savings and new markets. Jim’s book Blindsided is published in 80 countries worldwide and is a #1 International bestseller. Blindsided! looks at the forces that are disrupting companies and industries and presents strategies for preventing it.

Breakout Topic: Small Screen Digital Revolution: How Smartphone & Tablets are Changing Business 

Jim Harris is one of North America’s foremost management consultants, authors and thinkers on change and leadership. Jim is also the principal at Strategic Advantage where he works with organizations to address issues of most concern to executives: leadership, change, Customer Relationship Management, and creating learning organizations.

Jim speaks internationally at more than 40 conferences a year, and has been ranked as one of North America’s top speakers. He was also one of the first seven Canadians personally trained by Al Gore to deliver his "An Inconvenient Truth" presentation.

In addition to being an accomplished speaker, Jim has also written a number of books including his international bestseller, Blindsided!