Coaching Association of Canada

Jenny Trew

Province: Ontario
Sport: Cycling
Mentor: Denise Kelly
Fun fact: Loves to knit!

When Jenny Trew was in the hospital, seriously injured and missing a good deal of skin from a serious accident while competing in cycling, she never imagined the way that the crash would alter her life.

Trew had always been an athlete. She started on the soccer field, and in the pool, and started cycling after moving to the West Coast to attend university. Her cycling career flourished -- she competed professionally for Canada’s national team, and won an international race on Canadian soil, proudly wearing the red and white.

Suffering with serious injuries including a separated shoulder and a major concussion following her accident, Trew realized her competitive career had to put on hold. Fuelled by her passion for sport, Trew decided to focus her energy on building the stars of tomorrow instead.

Immediately after her accident, she started working with the Ottawa Bicycle Club’s junior women as a mentor to 15-20 athletes. As she worked with the athletes, and realized her injuries were too significant to return to competition, Trew found herself naturally transitioning from athlete to coach.

Trew is now very actively involved in coaching cycling in a number of facets and plans on using this Canada Games Women in Coaching Apprenticeship as an opportunity to accelerate her learning through education, mentorship, and experience, preparing her to be the most effective coach she can be.