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Jay Keddy - Alpine Skiing

Summer Sports for Alpine Skiing

After being on snow, travelling, and racing from October to April, most alpine ski racing athletes need to take several weeks off to recover from the season. While the primary focus in the offseason is usually building or regaining strength and power, another important component is balance and movement awareness.

Choosing activities that challenge an athlete to maintain or build balancing skills combined with movement will help maintain the mind-body connection that can help when not actually skiing for extended periods.

Mountain biking is great for upper and lower body stability and working on balancing skills. Using a skills area or technical descents is great for balance and looking ahead.

Pool or water based movement is great for low impact strength training and is perfect if recovering from knee or back injuries.

Soccer is perfect for foot-eye coordination, agility, and power.

Hot yoga is excellent for controlled movement, flexibility, and importantly breath control.

Slacklining is excellent for balance and body awareness. Adding movements like lunging or single leg squats will add to the challenge.

These sports combine balance with movement, not only stationary or static balance, which is important for ski racing.

Jay Keddy