Coaching Association of Canada

Jack Donohue Award

The Jack Donohue “Coach of the Year” Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a Canadian Coach who exemplifies the great qualities of the legendary Jack Donohue. These qualities include: honesty, integrity, a positive attitude, competitiveness, and a love of sport. Jack taught his athletes to value life, its experiences, and the passion of playing for your country.

As a founder of the Canadian Association of National Coaches, Jack Donohue was dedicated to the profession of coaching and demonstrated care and concern for his colleagues. As the professional coaching department of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), Coaches of Canada presents the Jack Donohue Award annually at the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Awards Gala. 

Nominations are now closed!

The Coaching Association of Canada is committed to promoting the values of diversity and inclusion within its National awards program in order to recognize the tremendous contribution that all organizations, coach developers, and coaches make to the Canadian Sport System. 


Winners of the Jack Donohue Award

2017 Award Recipient

John Herdman, ChPC

2016 Award Recipient

Mark Smith, ChPC

2015 Award Recipient

Lisa Thomaidis, ChPC

2014 Award Recipient

Gerry Dragomir, ChPC

2013 Award Recipient

Joan McDonald, ChPC

2012 Award Recipient

David Ross, ChPC

2011 Award Recipient

Marcel Lacroix, ChPC

2010 Award Recipient

Melody Davidson, ChPC
2009 Award Recipient

Steve Bush, ChPC
2008 Award Recipient  

Tim Frick, ChPC

2007 Award Recipient  

Paul Kristofic, ChPC

2006 Award Recipient  

Xiuli Wang, ChPC

2005 Award Recipient  

Patrick Oaten, ChPC

2004 Award Recipient  

Kelly Manjak, ChPC

2003 Award Recipient  

Michel Larouche, ChPC