Coaching Association of Canada

Hungry Hippos

Stage of Activity 



30 + balls (any type)


5 - 15 minutes

Number of People

4 teams of 5+ people

How it Works

Participants divide into four equal teams and select a corner of the gym. Place numerous balls in the middle of the room. Once the whistle is blown, each team sends the first person in line to retrieve a ball from the middle pile. The next person in line cannot go until the other player returns and tags their hand. They are to drop the balls behind a line in their corner. Eventually all the balls from the middle pile will be in the four teams’ corners, then players start stealing balls from other teams’ corners.
Only one player per team is allowed to retrieve at a given time and they are only allowed to take one ball at a time. Eventually the whistle will be blown again after a ten second count down warning. The team with the most balls piled in the corner wins.


Focus, Agility, Decision-making.


Can be used in all environments.