Coaching Association of Canada

Huckle Buckle

Stage of Activity 





10 - 15 minutes

Number of People

Unlimited - Partner Activity

How it Works

Players will divide into partners and stand in two rows, facing their partner with about 5 or 6 meters between the two rows. The coach will call out two body parts, i.e. Hand to Foot, and partners will rush toward each other and place one’s hand to the other’s foot. Players will then race back to their starting places. The last group to return to their starting positions is eliminated. If counselors yell out ‘Person to Person’ then campers must switch partners. This game is a high-energy game that gets players out of their comfort zones and allows them to work with a variety of teammates.

Applications Great warm-up game. This activity works on decision making, hand-eye coordination and agility.

This activity can be played on all environments: court, pool, ice, court/gym.