Coaching Association of Canada

How Are We Strong?

Stage of Activity 



4-6 Sets of 20-30 cards with different values written on them
Cones (start and finish)
Mat or area to lay cards when finished (1 per team)


10-20 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Athletes are paired with another player and given a “home base” (mat) behind a start cone. A set of cards is placed at the end of each team’s “line” (10-50m away from start cone).

On “GO!” first player spin-runs to the cards, picks up ONE ONLY, and sprints back to their home base, tagging their partner to go.

They put the card on their mat and continue alternating turns until all cards have been picked up.

After all cards are picked up, each pair reads the cards and places them in a circle next to other cards they think are related or connected.

*The cards at the four “cardinal directions” (North, South, East, West) represent the four they believe are MOST important to the success of their group / team / community.

After all teams are done, everyone compares their circles and the top 4 cards.
Based on these values, the team works to create a “circle of community” or agreement of values they will uphold as a member of that team. (Note – this step may take longer than one activity time).


Locomotor movements, speed, teamwork, decision making, community building


For longer movement time, create a longer course or adapt movements to include sport-specific locomotor activities.

Reduce the number of cards for younger teams.