Coaching Association of Canada

Hoopla Target Game

Stage of Activity 



2-4 Hula hoops, 1-2 hockey nets or vertical poles 1 metre apart
10-30 implements to throw or kick; e.g. beanbags, balls, pucks, frisbees, etc.
Cones or marking for start line


5-10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Use rope to hang hula hoops from the top rim of the hockey nets, or string hoops on a rope between poles or trees. Place hoops 1 metre to 5 metres from throwing line (depending on goal of exercise and level of athletes).

Place bucket of implements on start line, or spread implements along the start line.

Athletes try to throw or kick implements through the hoops.

Points can be collected for successful target “hits”.

Athletes can be put in teams and work together to collect the most points.


Throwing, kicking, shooting, aiming


Place targets at different distances from throwing line to create levels of difficulty.

Spin hoops to make targets more difficult.

Add a short run between shots for added fitness. E.g. aim at one target, run and tag a cone 20m away, shoot again, and continue.

Adaptable to all environments.