Coaching Association of Canada

Henry Burris

  • 3x Grey Cup Champion and 2x CFL MVP

Henry Burris, aka “Smiling Hank”, connects with audiences. His depth of life experience includes roles as an entrepreneur, CFL star and 3-time Grey Cup champion, sports broadcaster, ranch kid and most importantly, committed father, husband and family man. Henry weaves personal stories of overcoming obstacles into audience-applicable lessons. The lessons he shares are built on the foundation of a lifetime spent learning and operating in the arts of strategy and discipline in sport and as a dutiful team member.

Unlocking Your True Potential Lies in Your Smile
Friday morning plenary

Support, Motivation, Initiating, Leadership, Executing and Engaging. With his S.M.I.L.E. steps, Henry provides a path forward that any individual or organization can use. This program serves to change the way an individual or team can reset goal focus, better attitudes and create success. Burris explains his believe that the true place to find happiness is within. From the moment we are born we are filled with the desire to achieve. We continue to work through setbacks, and in the end of S.M.I.L.E. prevails.