Coaching Association of Canada

Heather Beatty

Heather Beatty is the Director of Sport Development at viaSport, where she works to build the capacity of the provincial sport system to deliver safe, inclusive and meaningful sport experiences. She is a graduate of Brock University with a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. Heather brings a variety of perspectives to the role based on her experiences as an athlete, coach, Coach Developer, Team BC Mission staff and former High Performance and Competitions Manager for Curl BC.

Inclusion viaSport: Diversifying the Sport Experience
Breakout 3A

As a sector, we are aware of the need to increase participation of under-represented groups and create a sport system in Canada that better reflects the diversity of our population. In doing so, we must also understand how to ensure experiences are safe, inclusive, and meaningful. This presentation will share different approaches and insights gained through various viaSport projects related to engaging targeted populations.