Coaching Association of Canada

Grizzly Bear Ball Toss

Stage of Activity

Active Start, FUNdamentals


Round balls


5 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

The player stands behind the line with the ball. Start in a grizzly bear stance ( knees slightly bent, elbows bent, hands up)with the ball. Begin by tossing the ball in the air and catching it. Next, have the players clap and catch the ball. Make it a personal challenge.

“How many claps can you make and still catch the ball.” “See if you can make one more clap.”

Make these individual challenges, not group challenges.

Finally, have the child toss the ball so it goes up in the air and bounces once before it reaches the next line (about 3m away). After tossing the ball, the child runs and catches the ball. Assume a grizzly bear stance once you catch the ball.


Coordination, focus


Can be used in all environments: field, court, pool, snow, ice, gym.