Coaching Association of Canada

Giant Rock Paper Scissors

Stage of Activity 





10 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

The Coach will split the group up into two teams and chose an action/movement for rock, paper and scissors. Both teams will huddle in their respective side of the gym to select their action. Once the action has been decided they will line up facing the opposing team near the middle of the playing surface with a designated “safe zone” for each team behind them. The Coach will call out “Rock Paper Scissors”, on scissors both teams will display their action. Whichever team wins the faceoff will chase the other team and try to tag them. The losing team will run to their safe zone (identified space, wall, etc.) and try to not be tagged. The participants that are tagged before they reach their end wall join the other team. If the faceoff ends in a draw, both teams will return to their huddle to choose another action. The game will continue until one team has all players on its side.


This activity will develop the participant’s visual and motor reaction time, decision making and running skills.


This activity can be played on all environments: court, field, pool, and gym.