Coaching Association of Canada

Maintenance of Certification

 Maintenance of Certification is the NCCP policy that requires NCCP coaches to maintain their certification through Professional Development and training opportunities over a predetermined period.

  • Provides coaches with credit for attending Professional Development opportunities; and
  • Promotes upgrading and maintaining relevancy to coaching practices;

A coach who does not complete the required Professional Development credits by the end date of their maintenance cycle should contact their provincial/territorial sport organization for information regarding renewal of certification.

A coach can view their maintenance of certification requirements on the maintenance page of their Locker account.

Professional Development Points

Professional Development is the engagement in Lifelong Learning in a specific professional context. Professional Development promotes growth and development of coaches, enables coaches to be at the leading edge to best serve their athletes and is fun and engaging.

  • Encourages Lifelong Learning;
  • Is recorded a coach’s transcript on the Locker;
  • Contributes points to statuses that statuses that must be maintained.

Click HERE for guidelines around the different categories of Professional Development.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

  • One of the underlying philosophies of the NCCP;
  • Reinforces the value of continuing education and sharing amongst the coaching community.

In short – Lifelong Learning is a philosophy, Professional Development is a process to facilitate learning, and Maintenance of Certification is a policy.