Coaching Association of Canada

Freestyle Ski

The Canadian Freestyle Ski Association offers the following NCCP workshops.


Club Coach: This 3-day workshop is for coaches that wish to work with entry level skiers (usually ages 6 to 9), teaching the fundamental skills of freestyle skiing (moguls, jumping, terrain park). Throughout this on-snow and in-class workshop, coaches will learn techniques for 4 different freestyle skiing disciplines, but will also acquire teaching, leading, and demonstration skills.

Supercoach: Coaches that work in competitive club programs should enter the Supercoach Program, where they learn to teach skills in the “Freestylerz” Program to their athletes, as well as plan skill progressions throughout the competitive season. This 2 to 4-day program includes the following 7 technical modules that are run separately, with the ultimate goal to provide a deeper scope of technical and theoretical knowledge for coaches teaching acrobatic skills to their athletes.

- Technical Skiing Mogul 1
- Technical Skiing Mogul 2
- Air 1 Trampoline
- Air 2 Trampoline
- Air 3 Water Ramp & Air Bag
- Air 4 Snow
- Park & Halfpipe

Competition-Development coach: Coaches enter the Competition-Development Program when working with Provincial Teams or National Development Team and will learn long-term training principles, tactical and strategic planning, as well as technical skill progression for high-performance competition. They can choose from three different disciplines: Moguls (5-day workshop), Slopestyle (3-day workshop), or Halfpipe (3-day workshop).

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