Coaching Association of Canada

Follow Your Pass

Stage of Activity 



1 Ball/Puck per group


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Participants are divided into groups of 5 and get they stand in a zig zag pattern. One participant will start with the ball or puck and pass it to the next person across from them. That participant will then follow their pass and take the place of the person that they passed to. Once they get to the last person in line they will continue the pattern going back the other way. This can be continued until the coach calls the activity to an end.


This activity develops the participants hand-eye coordination, passing, awareness and running/skating skills.


The equipment can vary depending on the sport. To make this activity more difficult make the space between the participants larger and then smaller to make it easier. This activity can be placed on a court, ice, field or gym.