Coaching Association of Canada

FMS for Secondary School Teachers

Why should I teach my students about FMS?

Put simply - give your students fundamental knowledge they can pass on.

In order to improve the fundamental movement skills, and ultimately the physical literacy of Canada’s children and youth, it is important to equip young adults with the skills to understand, identify, observe, and instruct the fundamental movement skills so they will be prepared to then teach them to children as sport camp counselors, community coaches, or community-based leaders operating programs for young children.

The NCCP FMS High School Leadership kit provides teachers with a cost effective way to introduce students to the fundamental movement skills while also introducing important National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) principles including: valuing, fair play, basic safety, and creating and implementing an emergency action plan.

What is included in the NCCP FMS High School Leadership Kit?

The NCCP FMS High School Leadership kit is flexible for varied timetables and unit lengths so that it can be easily incorporated into any leadership or physical education class. Each lesson, and the activities contained within it, focus on a specific movement skill and the best way to teach it, giving high school students tangible knowledge they can pass on to children when they assume the teaching role.

The kit includes:

  • all lesson plans
  • all handouts and resources (in an electronic format so the teacher may photocopy them)
  • a DVD of the fundamental movement skills, and
  • rubrics for evaluation

Any high school teacher with a kinesiology, physical education, or equivalent background may teach this to their students without further training. High school teachers that would like further training in fundamental movement skills to implement this program, should look into taking the Fundamental Movement Skills 8-hour Community Leader Workshop or the Fundamental Movement Skills 3-hour workshop.

Upon completion of the workshop, all students will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the course, and will be entered into The Locker, the NCCP database, for access to resources and tools made available by the Coaching Association of Canada.