Coaching Association of Canada

FMS for Recreation Leaders

Why should I take a NCCP FMS Workshop?

Community and recreation leaders are in an ideal position to incorporate and teach the fundamental movement skills to children. Keeping children active isn’t enough to ensure they are learning the fundamental movement skills properly. Through games, activities, or during unstructured play, community and recreation leaders, including camp counselors and after school program supervisors and managers, can help students develop the fundamental movement skills.

Ensuring staff at community and recreation programs are trained and equipped with the skills to improve the fundamental movement skills will improve the quality of programming you are delivering as a camp, after school program, or other child-centered care facility. It will enable your staff to think critically about the movements children make to help them to move better, and safer. Also, it will ensure that, while a child is in the care of your program, camp or facility, they are learning and having fun!

What workshop should I take?

The NCCP FMS Community Leader workshop is the answer to training your camp counselors and recreation team members. It is an 8-hour workshop that serves as a great multi-sport introduction to coaching the fundamental movement skills and working with children. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • analyze and identify the various stages of development for the fundamental movement skills;
  • apply a six-step process to teaching the fundamental movement skills;
  • create safe games where children can practise fundamental movement skills;
  • understand the importance of valuing and fair play;
  • recognize and implement basic safety measures and implement an emergency action plan.

Does your staff already have an understanding of the fundamental movement skills? The 3 hour NCCP FMS workshop is designed for participants with previous knowledge of the fundamental movement skills, coaching, or working with children ages 6 through 9.

All participants will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the course, and will be entered into The Locker, the National Coaching Certification Program database, for access to resources and tools made available by the Coaching Association of Canada.