Coaching Association of Canada

FMS for Elementary School Teachers

Why should I take the NCCP’s FMS workshop?

Elementary school teachers are paramount to the effective development of a child’s fundamental movement skills and physical literacy. As important adults in a student’s life, teachers need to have the skills and expertise to know what to look for when a student is completing a fundamental movement skill and how to correct students to help them develop these skills properly. Having students practice the fundamental movement skills isn’t enough -- students need precise instruction in effective throwing, catching, running, jumping, striking, agility, kicking, balance, and coordination.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop supports the elementary school curriculum by giving teachers the tools and knowledge to assess and evaluate the fundamental movement skills. Further, it helps teachers create learning goals and success criteria for their class. The NCCP’s FMS workshops will provide elementary school teachers of all subjects with the training and confidence to identify, observe, and correct the fundamental movement skills.

What workshop should I take?

You have two options: the 8 hour workshop provides an in-depth, comprehensive introduction to the fundamental movement skills and the core-competencies of the NCCP, and includes significant hands on activities, while the 3 hour workshop covers similar information in a condensed format and is designed for participants with previous knowledge of the fundamental movement skills, coaching, or working with children ages 6 through 9.

All participants of either workshop will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the course, and will be entered into The Locker, the National Coaching Certification Program database, for access to resources and tools made available by the Coaching Association of Canada.