Coaching Association of Canada

FMS for Coaches

Why should I take the NCCP’s FMS workshop?

Fundamental movement skills are paramount to the development of more advanced and sport-specific skills. Athletes who have not learned how to perform the fundamental movement skills correctly will have difficulty continuing their development in sport. Coaches of all levels need to have the ability to identify, observe, and instruct the fundamental movement skills to ensure the continued development of their athletes.

Community coaches of athletes aged 6 to 9 in particular should include the development of all fundamental movement skills as a key component of their training plan as these are the key ages for the development of these skills.

What workshop should I take?

You have two options: the 8 hour workshop provides an in-depth, comprehensive introduction to the fundamental movement skills, the NCCP core-competencies, and includes significant hands on activities, while the 3 hour workshop covers similar information in a condensed format and is designed for participants with previous knowledge of the fundamental movement skills, coaching, or working with children ages 6 through 9.

All participants of either workshop will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the course, and will be entered into The Locker, the NCCP database, for access to resources and tools made available by the Coaching Association of Canada.