Coaching Association of Canada


Stage of Activity 



Dodge balls 


5 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

This is an individual version of dodgeball, every man for himself.
Participants spread out around an enclosed area with respectable spacing. Throw a number of dodge balls into play and continue adding balls until you feel there are enough for it to be challenging for the participants. The objective of the activity is to get others out by tagging the other participants with a ball. Once a participant is hit with a ball, they are required to sit down wherever they were hit. The players that are sitting are still involved in the game, they are allowed to grab any ball that rolls by while staying seated in their spot and attempt to throw the ball at the remaining players that are still running around. If the player that hit them is hit, they stand up and rejoin the game. The game runs until all the players are eventually sitting and one participant is the last player standing.

Applications Agility, spatial awareness, decision-making, hand-eye coordination

Can be used in the following environments: Court and field.