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Fatma Cuhadar & Ahmed El Ahmar

Fatma and her son Ahmed are from Aleppo, a city in Syria that has been ravaged by the civil war. In a bombing Ahmed was hit and lost his leg. Moving to Canada as refugees, the family then dealt with many challenges of resettling (language, housing, schools) as they started their new life in Winnipeg.

In a family that had a love for soccer, Fatma was determined to ensure all of her children were involved in sport. She also could not accept that Ahmed was often asked to “sit out” of games or play because of his disability. In 2017, Ahmed and his siblings joined Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy, a multi-sport program, where Ahmed participates in all of the sports offered in this program (soccer, volleyball, track & field, swimming, badminton, etc.). Outside of the program, Ahmed also participates in Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Basketball. Fatma is beginning to sample a few sports as well - tennis and softball.

Sport for Life - The Roots of Resilience
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One of the most prevalent theoretical models of resilience identifies seven pillars upon which this critical youth capacity is built. Of those, four are routinely strengthened through participation in quality physical activity and sport, and the remaining three CAN be developed when children’s sport participation is delivered appropriately. This presentation will look at these building blocks of resilience and how each of the seven pillars can be optimized at each stage of child and youth development. It will explore the relationship between building resilience and an NSO’s Athlete Development Matrix.

The impact of building resilience will be highlighted through the eyes of Ahmed, a young Syrian refugee, and his mother Fatma, engaged in a quality sport program tailored to the needs of refugees and other newcomers to Canada.