Coaching Association of Canada

FAQs for Aspiring Chartered Professional Coaches and Registered Coaches

Below are common questions asked by coaches who aspire to be a Chartered Professional Coach® (ChPC®) or a Registered Coach.

Why is it that the CAC offers the ChPC designation and Registered Coach license (rather than, for example, Sport Canada)?

The CAC is dedicated to enhancing the profession of coaching. As the educational and professional body for coaches in Canada, the CAC grants the official designation of ChPC and the Registered Coach license to professionals in the field of coaching. The CAC provides multiple services to coaches and promotes the integral role coaches play in the success and effectiveness of sport programs and athlete development in Canada. The CAC also regulates coaching and protects the public interest by ensuring its coaches abide by the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct.

What constitutes “Major Games”?

Major Games can be classified as the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Pan American Games, Parapan American Games, Commonwealth Games, or the highest level of competition in your sport, e.g., World Championships.

How do I qualify to become a ChPC coach?

A coach must achieve specific levels in the National Certification Coaching Program™ (NCCP) or post-secondary education, and coaching experience to be considered for the ChPC designation. The requirements depend on the pathway chosen. For the eligibility requirements, please visit our Am I Eligible to Obtain the ChPC Designation? section here.

What is the difference between the ChPC and a Registered Coach?

The ChPC is a professional designation that has requirements in three areas: education, experience, and ethics. The Registered Coach is a license that includes ONLY the ethics requirements, which are:

  • Reference checks,
  • Police Information Check
  • Declared ethical conduct
  • Signed the CAC Code of Conduct

Attaining the designation or license is a coach development choice; however, it is a mandatory requirement by Sport Canada for a coach to have a ChPC designation to coach at a Major Games. Some National Sport Organization (NSO) require ChPC for coaches at National Championships.

Is a post-secondary education required to attain the ChPC designation?

A degree or diploma from a post-secondary institution is not required. There are four pathways, and one of the pathways enables coaches to achieve their ChPC designation by achieving NCCP certification. Please visit our Knowledge and Experience web page as we offer a detailed explanation on this page.

Who can be a reference for application to be a ChPC or Registered Coach?

References are accepted from your NSO (National Sport Organization), your PTSO (Provincial or Territorial Sport Organization), your LSO (Local Sport Organization), or a ChPC in good standing. The references must be past or current employers who can verify your work experience.

I am an NCCP coach. Do I need to apply to attain the ChPC designation or Registered Coach license?

NCCP refers to your coach education and training. The ChPC designation may include NCCP, but it also includes education through experience, references who validate your work experience, and an Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC). So, yes, you need to apply.

How do I become a ChPC or Registered Coach?

The high-level answer is that there are 3 steps:

Step 1: Complete the online application that resides in the Locker
Step 2: Obtain proof of knowledge and experience, a recent and valid Police Information Check, and two references (past or current employers)
Step 3: Sign the CAC Code of Conduct, declare your ethical conduct, and sign the agreement

Is my NCCP number the same as my Professional Coaching number?

Yes, your National Coaching Certification Program number is your professional coaching number and the Locker is the one central database for your educational and Professional Coaching needs. This means that your Locker profile contains all your NCCP, ChPC or Registered Coach information, making the application process more efficient.

I forgot my login credentials. What do I do?

Your login credentials are the same as those you use to access the Locker. You can either use your email or your NCCP# with your password. If you forgot your NCCP#, you can use the Lookup my NCCP# function. If you forgot your password, you can use the Forgot Password? function. (NOTE: These functions only work if you have a current and valid email address on your account.) Or you can email or call 613-235-5000 ext. 1 for assistance.

What benefits does the CAC give to coaches who obtain and maintain the eligibility requirements of the ChPC designation and Registered Coach license?

ChPCs and Registered Coaches are entitled to liability insurance, health/dental group benefits, legal counsel, and more. Get the details at the Benefits to ChPCs and Registered Coach page.

I entered my application a while ago and still have not heard anything back. What do I do?

Please contact There is a chance that your application may have been entered but is missing information that you still need to fill in. We will do our best to find what you need to complete your application and have it passed on to the License and Registration Committee.