Coaching Association of Canada

Everything Relay

Stage of Activity 



10-20 cones
10-20 small items (e.g. toys, balls, beanbags, etc.)
Chairs (one per team)


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Set up a relay course across a field, gym, pool, or other area (25 metres to 100 metres).
Athletes line up in pairs or groups of three at the start cones.
During the first leg, each athlete carries one beanbag to the other line and back.
On the second leg, they each carry two items, e.g. a beanbag and a cone.
On the third leg they each carry three items, e.g. beanbag, cone, and ball.
Continue until they are carrying 5 or 6 items, and then add the chair.

*This is a continuous relay, so athletes alternate turns until everyone has had a chance to carry all items AND the chair.

Applications Speed, coordination, decision making, problem solving, team support, passing

Start team members at each side – e.g. 2 people on one side of the field and two on the other. This shortens the interval and increases the requirement for coordination and passing.