Coaching Association of Canada

Eileen Parsons - Judo

Name: Eileen Parsons
Province: Newfoundland & Labrador
Sport: Judo
NCCP Status: Dojo Instructor Certified
Mentor: Tracy Angus
Fun Fact: Eileen owns a family-built, full-size R2D2 replica.

Eileen Parsons has had an on-and-off relationship with the sport of judo. Having started in university, she later came back to the sport after seven years and took up coaching in the past five years. This hasn’t impacted her ability to deliver as a coach however, because all along she was encouraged to work with fellow athletes of all abilities so she could be educated, and learn from, her peers.

She currently coaches a diverse group of athletes aged 11 to 19 at the club level in addition to coaching people through their finances as a financial advisor. These Games will be particularly memorable as Eileen is attending them alongside her daughter who will be eyeing the curling podium.