Coaching Association of Canada

Dragon Tail

Stage of Activity 



Clothes or rags 


3-8 minutes

Number of People

3+ (the more the better)

How it Works

All participants line up single file, one behind the other, with a cloth or rag held between each person.
E.g. a person will share the rag of the person in front with one hand, and the rag of the person behind with the other hand.
The front person is the “head of the dragon” and the back person is the tail.
On “GO” the head tries to circle around and tag the tail, while the tail tries to avoid being tagged.
Play until the tail is caught or up to 30-40 sec. before changing roles (switch head and tail people).


Teamwork, lateral movement, agility, balance, grip strength


Split group into two dragons. The head of one dragon tries to catch the tail of the other dragon and vice versa.