Coaching Association of Canada

Dragon Lair

Stage of Activity 



10-20 cones
30-40 beanbags or small balls
4 hula hoops


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Use cones to make a circle 2-3 metres in diameter in the centre of the playing area.
Place hula hoops 10-15 metres away from circle, approximately equidistance apart.
Put all beanbags in the centre circle.
Split athletes into teams of 2 to 3 (per hula hoop).
Choose 1 or 2 athletes to be “dragons” or guardians of the treasure (beanbags).
Dragons can guard from outside the circle, but may not enter the “lair” (circle).
Athletes start in their “home hula hoops” and try to sneak into the lair, take ONE treasure (at a time) and bring it back to their hoops. They are safe with one foot in their hula hoop OR in the middle circle. If they are tagged when not in these areas, they must return to their hula hoop, complete 5 push-ups (or other core exercise) before joining back in the game.
On “GO”, treasure seekers try to steal beanbags from the centre circle while dragons try to tag or catch them. If a treasure seeker is tagged after taking a beanbag, they must put it back before returning to their hula hoop to do the core exercise.
Continue until all treasure is taken. Switch dragons each game.


Speed, agility, strategy, reaction time, court sense, core stability


Use any objects in place of beanbags. Increase number of dragons or shrink the centre circle if the “treasure” is stolen too quickly.