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Dr. Colin Higgs

Professor Emeritus, Memorial University, Sport for Life, Long-Term Development specialist – Colin has spent more than 40 years working with disadvantaged children and youth; first with young people with a disability, and later with those from impoverished developing countries. He has been a major contributor to Sport for Life – Long-Term Development, and is currently working as a consultant to UNICEF, and UNESCO. Colin is a key writer and thought leader in the development of the “athlete development’ matrix and a strong believer that life skills and RESILIENCE plays an important role in athlete development and people development.

Sport for Life - The Roots of Resilience
Breakout 1A

One of the most prevalent theoretical models of resilience identifies seven pillars upon which this critical youth capacity is built. Of those, four are routinely strengthened through participation in quality physical activity and sport, and the remaining three CAN be developed when children’s sport participation is delivered appropriately. This presentation will look at these building blocks of resilience and how each of the seven pillars can be optimized at each stage of child and youth development. It will explore the relationship between building resilience and an NSO’s Athlete Development Matrix.

The impact of building resilience will be highlighted through the eyes of Ahmed, a young Syrian refugee, and his mother Fatma, engaged in a quality sport program tailored to the needs of refugees and other newcomers to Canada.