Coaching Association of Canada

Dr. Andy Van Neutegem

- Director, Performance Sciences, Research and Innovation, Own the Podium

Andy is well-known to Paralympic sport through his role as High Performance Director of the National Wheelchair Rugby Team. During his tenure from 2008-2018, Andy led the team to a bronze medal in Beijing 2008, a silver medal in the London Paralympic Games and World Championships in August 2014, a gold medal in Toronto Parapan American Games in 2015, and a fourth place finish in Rio 2016. In 2014-15, Andy also served in the role of General Manager with Hockey Canada, responsible for the National Para-Ice Hockey Program, winning a silver medal at the Para-Ice Hockey World Championships.

Dr. Van Neutegem received his Doctorate from the University of Southampton in the UK in 2007, in the area of sport psychology with a focus on maladaptive behavior resulting from transitions within and out of sport. He was the lead consultant in the development of the national athlete career transition program in Canada, entitled Game Plan. In 2016, Andy was the recipient of the Coach Association of Canada Investors Group National NCCP Coach Developer Award. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Master’s of High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program.

Andy started in 2016 with Own the Podium as a High Performance Athlete Development Advisor. In 2018, he assumed the position of Director of Performance Sciences, Research & Innovation, a position he currently holds.

Overcoming Uncertainty: Keys to Organizational Resilience
Friday afternoon plenary

If there is one certainty in today’s day and age, it’s that we live in uncertain times! We often think of resilience from the perspective of an individual or athlete who has had a mental or physical setback or has personally gone through a traumatic experience. We don’t usually think of an organizational leader who went through an incredibly tough year in the workplace and grew to be a better leader because of the experience. Although personal resilience is important for a leader, it is also key to developing resilient organizations. Resilient organizations are able to thrive under all circumstances and development of resilience within an organization comes by leading others through difficult times. The question then is not how can we avoid organizational stress and difficult situations, but how do we face it, overcome it and thrive because of it? Dr. Andy Van Neutegem shares the keys to organizational resilience through this interactive presentation, drawing upon business best practices and theory and relating it to the world of sport.

Organizational Resilience: Thriving in Crisis
Breakout 3B: Workshop

 Is your organization resilient? Organizational resilience is defined as the ability to anticipate, prepare for and respond and adapt to incremental changes and sudden disruptions. A key part of a resilient organization is managing tensions between approaches that are defensive, and those that are progressive. In addition, the way in which resilience can be achieved is by means of practices and behaviours that accomplish either flexible or consistent approaches. This workshop provides an opportunity to evaluate one’s organizational resilience using 13 indicators and determine strategies to enable your organization to survive and thrive through times of uncertainty.