Coaching Association of Canada

Dr. Andrea Bundon

  • University of British Columbia

Dr. Andrea Bundon is an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Andrea’s interest in para-sport began when she was recruited to guide para-nordic skiers. Andrea competed with Courtney Knight in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics and later guided Margarita Gorbounova at the 2014 Sochi Paralympics. As an academic and (former) athlete, Andrea is interested in the ways in which people with disabilities are included and excluded from the Canadian sport system. In addition to UBC, she has worked at the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport and has collaborated on projects with the English Institute of Sport and ViaSport BC. She has researched the use of social media by para-athletes to do advocacy work, the provision of support services/athlete services to Paralympic athletes, the role of classification in the formation of ‘athlete’ and ‘disability’ identities, and the experiences of people with disabilities working as fitness professionals and sport coaches. Andrea has presented her research at the headquarters of the International Paralympic Committee in Bonn, Germany and at numerous academic and practitioner conferences. She has published in peer-reviewed journals including Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, Disability and Society, and the Journal of Sport and Social Issues and is the author of numerous book chapters on topics related to disability, sport and social inclusion.

Life after Sport: Barriers and Facilitators Encountered by Canadians with Disabilities

Much attention has been paid to promoting and progressing participation in para-sport for athletes with disabilities, but many para-athletes lack appropriate support and opportunity when transitioning into a life after physical participation. The next step towards creating a truly inclusive sport system in Canada is to ensure pathways into coaching, volunteering and sport administration are also accessible to individuals with impairments. Sharing novel insights drawn from in-depth, qualitative interviews of coaches with disabilities, this presentation will discuss the barriers and facilitators encountered by individuals with disabilities seeking new opportunities to participate in sport, and strategies to make the sport sector more inclusive of these individuals. The session will also explore the organizational benefits of welcoming people with diverse abilities into different roles.