Coaching Association of Canada

Dox-en-Eye (Haida Game)

Stage of Activity 



2 mats per team

Each mat must be large enough for all team members to stand on.


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

This game originated with the Haida people from Haida Gwaii (Central BC Coast). It is similar to the European game called Red Rover. The activity begins with two equal sized teams facing each other in 2 lines about 5 metres apart. Team 1 begins with the Dox-en-Eye stick. A member of the team holds the stick and thumps it on the ground and calls Dox-en-Eye, Dox-en-Eye, we want Jasmine to come. Jasmine, from Team 2, then has to walk (or run, wheels, skate, swim, etc.) across to team 1, without smiling, and take the Dox-en-Eye stick then walk backwards back to her own team, still without smiling. If she doesn’t smile, she gets to stay with her team. If she smiles, she must join the other team. Team 1 must stay standing in their line and they cannot touch Jasmine but they can do anything to try and make her smile. Funny faces, sounds, silly sayings are all fair. The object of the game is for everyone to end up on the same team.


Adaptable to all environments.


Add movement challenges to increase physical elements.
- Teams must stand on one foot while the stick is being thumped.
- Teams must hold a position such as plank or squat while their team member fetches the stick.