Coaching Association of Canada

Down, Down, Down

Stage of Activity 



Balls of soft material (tennis balls or dodge balls)


10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Everyone will get into pairs or small groups and start passing the ball back and forth (tossing the ball). If one person drops the ball the other person will say “down”. The participants will have to go down on one knee. The players then continue to pass the ball; if the team drops the ball again they will have to go down on 2 knees. Players continue to pass the ball. If a player drops the ball a third time they all have to go down on one elbow. The fourth time a player drops the ball they go down on 2 elbows. This continues until athletes are down on their stomach or time is exceeded.


This develops the participant’s hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills.


This activity can be played with various balls depending on the sport. It can also be played on a court, or field using different sport equipment (for example: softball and gloves).
The game can also be modified so that only the player responsible for dropping the ball has to drop down to the next level. A player is eliminated once they are on their stomach and the game continues on until only one player is remaining.