Coaching Association of Canada

Dodge the Duck

Stage of Activity 





5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

This game is excellent for training reaction time to stimulus.

Set up a start line and finish line (50-150 metres apart depending on the sport).
Place two different coloured rubber ducks about two thirds of the way down the track.
The coach stands 1-2 metres from the ducks (toward the start line).
On “GO” one athlete sprints toward the ducks.

Just before the athlete approaches the ducks, the coach calls out one of the colours and the athlete tries to dodge to the side of the designated duck, then continue sprinting to the finish line.

Call the colour earlier for novice athletes and later for more advanced athletes.


Speed, agility, reaction time, lateral movement, dodging


Adaptable to many sports, particularly those involving gliding at fast speeds where reacting to external factors is a critical component of performance (e.g. cycling, skating, canoeing, kayaking).
Use different animals or coloured “dodging tools” depending on the community.