Coaching Association of Canada

Danny Snow

Sport: Goalball
Years Coaching: 32
Years Coaching National Team: 20

What are you most looking forward to about coaching on home soil?
Having friends and family there to support the athletes.

What was the most important part of your preparation as a coach?
Developing a plan so that the players are focused on the tournament and not distracted by playing at home. We have a good mix of experienced and young players.

Did everything go according to plan? What would you do differently?
I would do nothing differently at this point and won’t know the results until we play. We may, however, have tried to get the team together for 1 more training camp.

What would a medal performance by one of your athletes mean to you as a coach?
With the men’s team it would mean qualifying for the Paralympic Games in Rio. It would also mean that our program is progressing with younger players. It would be an amazing experience for the athletes to receive a medal in front of all their family and friends.

What did NCCP training teach you that will serve you well in the heat of competition at these Games?
It has helped me in keeping a positive attitude when working with the athletes no matter the circumstance.

What tip do you have for development and community coaches?
Work on the skills as much as you can. There are 3 positions in goalball, be sure your athletes learn to play all 3. Above all else, make sure your new athletes are having fun.